For information past, present & future on the city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
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Abandoned Central Low Level in 1967
Buchanan Street Railway Station
Humble request for old photo of Windsor Terrace
Animals & Beasties - Part 4
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Hatch, match and dispatch thread
Stained Glass
Bridges - Part 2
Transport - Part 3
Clydebank. Past/Present.
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For information past, present & future on the city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Latest Forum Articles
Buchanan Street Railway Station
Surely a misleading headline from the ET........or am I just thick?
Humble request for old photo of Windsor Terrace
Hi. I'm new here and desperately looking for a photo of the old tenement that was Windsor Terrace in the West End of Glasgow. It's my mum's 80th very soon and she grew up in the building. I had hoped to include it in a present I planned to make about her life but can't find anything either in her own photos or online. I guess it was demolished long ago.

Hope someone can help or point me in the right direction.
Animals & Beasties - Part 4
Taken in Killiecrankie 24th March 2015
We were wondering if this is a visitor to Scotland, we have not sen a Robin with such long legs

Stained Glass
Reflections and stuff - Part 2

Concert Hall reflections by D1gitAl Imagez
Clydebank. Past/Present.
WOW, lots of work researching the history of Clydebank, Well done HH!!

Robert & Ann Paterson were shown on the 1871 Census as he being an arable farmer and the family living at West Barns of Clyde farm just north of Yoker, west of Glasgow. This farm no longer exists as was ploughed under in the 1950s to make way for the huge Drumchapel housing development.

He is shown as 44 years of age and Ann at 33. with daughter Jane aged 6, Robert aged 4 and Samuel aged 2.

Robert is shown as bor ...
Glasgow at Night - Part 3

glasgow city chambers at night by kennygraham1, on Flickr

glaagw cenotaph by [url=https://www.flickr. ...
Hartwood Hospital (Asylum)
Carnage at Hartwood.
Loads of contractors in the grounds at the moment trying to rid the place of Japanese Knot Weed.
They've got a big job on their hands.
Loads of trees cut down and supposedly having to dig down 3 metres to get rid of the roots of the weed.
Real mess at the moment and interfering with my dog walking.
Glasgow's High Rise
Half-Way, Paisley Road West

Half Way  (1)
Signs and notices
Half Way  (9)

Half Way  (1 ...</span></td>

	<td align=
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Abandoned Central Low Level in 1967
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Transport - Part 3
Animals & Beasties - Part 4
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Glasgow at Night - Part 3
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