For information past, present & future on the city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
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Nifty Fifty
Panoramas - Part 2
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Queens Crescent Gardens: concealed Mine Shaft entrance
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Glasgow - Commonwealth Games 2014
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For information past, present & future on the city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Latest Forum Articles
Panoramas - Part 2
Ruchazie Rat wrote:
Yes, BT Justice, the top photo of the "Mirror" film`s screengrabs is indeed Great Western Road.

The YELLOW CIRCLE is Lansdowne Parish Church (north side of GWR). The RED ARROW is Lansdowne Crescent and the GREEN AR ...
Queens Crescent Gardens: concealed Mine Shaft entrance
I stay on west princes street and have recently became interested in the gardens at Queens Crescent nearby, with the Ornamental fountain and beautiful surrounding grove of trees. On searching online I discovered that the crescent was originally known as Spring Grove crescent and was designed by John Bryce in 1840 and built shortly after. However I also discovered that the fountain is situated above the entrance to an old mine shaft and this is what has got me further interested, as on inspection ...
Nifty Fifty
Being as how I am a bit of a plank, can you chaps explain what is Nifty about the fifty ?
uses / limitations ????

Glasgow Shops
Cheap shop by route9autos.co.uk, on Flickr
Glasgow - Commonwealth Games 2014
Now that various details of the Opening Ceremony have appeared in yer actual media, I am fairly confident that MI6 will not pay me an early morning visit if I make reference to a certain Andy Stewart song which might well feature in the Opening Ceremony.

Tonight I was waiting (OK, illegally) at the corner of Springfield Road and Dechmont Street in the family taxi waiting to pick up the wean (alright, she's 25) from the Monday dress rehearsal, when I remembered tha ...
Exciting Facts about yourself... that you wanna tell us
Spent most of today working on elements for a big show I have next Tuesday, somewhere in the East End.  
Norries Discussion Thread
good stuff Norrie
Link's to stuff to waste your day on....

James H
Pictures of Glasgow - Part 4

There's also a bunch here:

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